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ALASKA K-LEX Spirulina


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Product Specification:
Product Efficiency:

Promotes Overall Healt
The Main Composition and Content:

Spirulina   1000mg
Product Advantage:
⒈Selecting natural raw materials,high quality and better effect
⒉The content of spirulina is very high, up to 500 mg per tablet.
⒊The high concentration of nutrients is 1000 times the ordinary vegetables and fruits nutrition.
⒋Use the advanced technology, doe not contain heavy metal.

Product Function:  
⒈Is the best nutrition of thin, frail, anemia, and sick people 
⒉Nourishing the liver, preventing acute and chronic liver disease, liver cirrhosis
⒊To protect the gastrointestinal tract, prevent the gastritis, ulcer, constipation and hemorrhoids.
⒋To prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes.
⒌To enhance immunity and natural antibacterial effect, prevent and fight cancer.
⒍To resist fatigue and delay senility.

Applicable People:
People who wants to enhance immunity, prevent disease.

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